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Furious Katie Price tells trolls to ‘chill out’ as she insists she can be ‘glam and upbeat’ despite broken feet


FURIOUS Katie Price has told trolls to “chill out” after getting abuse for being “glam and upbeat” despite her fractured feet.

The 42-year-old has been banned from getting out of bed before major surgery tomorrow.


Katie Price posed for fun as she rested ahead of tomorrow’s surgery[/caption]

But the mum-of-five wouldn’t let that stop her from getting dressed up and posting a fun snap on Instagram.

She wrote: “It’s so hot. I have to keep my legs up until my operation as doctors orders but fancied putting on a little dress from @ohpolly and feel glam as it’s been ages.”

Trolls again accused her of making up the injury which happened in a nightmare accident on holiday.

One said: “What a load of s****, you haven’t broken your legs . . . It all for publicity.”


The 42-year-old fractured her feet on holiday[/caption]

Another added: “I don’t think your doctor meant putting your feet up against a door….”

Someone else said: “Katie stop bending your legs. Putting your feet up means onto a footstool!”

She defended herself on Instagram

Fed up Katie defended herself against the nasty messages.

She wrote: “Jeez some of you need to chill out .. people forget this is me and my past I can still do glam and be up beat in the situation I’m in thank you.”


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