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Experts reveal how to stop these summer bugs ruining your home and clothes


Cleaning has become integral to people’s lives over the past few months. Heading into summer, cleaning is even more important than it is at other times of the years. Few people know that bugs can ruin your home as well as your Summer wardrobe so here are some tips on how to deter them and get rid of these certain bugs.

Deyan Dimitrov, cleaning expert and CEO of Laundryheap told the Express.co.uk how summer months can bring unwanted bugs into the home, ruining many clothing items.

The start of summer marks the beginning of the moth season, and as we all know, moths are notorious for ruining fabric items all around the home, including our clothes.

However there are some other bugs that can enter the home, ruining many clothing items. Deyan reveals what these bugs are and how to get rid of them.

These bugs can cause irreversible damage to your furnishings during the Summer months including eating your furniture.

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Carpet Beetle

Deyan says: “Have you ever seen little black bugs on dusty areas or on fabric items around the house? These are carpet beetles, they’re relatively small in size and are often mistaken for little pieces of fluff because of how small they are.

“The females lay larvae so that they can feed off of fibres in your home, and they particularly like natural fibres like wool, mohair, fur and feathers. These critters are guilty of causing irreparable damage to the fabrics, as well as caring irritating skin conditions.

“These bugs can gain access to your home through a number of ways, including coming through the cracks in walls, air vents, and even catching a ride on the plants that you bring into your home. Less common ways include via chimneys and openings in your plumbing system.

“The best way to get rid of these bugs is to make sure you never leave any leftover food or packaging in your home that will attract them. You should also be vacuuming your home frequently to get rid of the bugs and any of their larvae.”

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Clothes moths and carpet moths

Deyan continues: “Many of you will know that daunting feeling; when temperatures begin to climb and we reach into the back of our wardrobes for that perfect summer staple…only to find that it has been ravaged by moths.

“The clothes moths and carpet moths are common in the springtime, as the moth season kicks them off from May and lasts through to October. Both tips of moths are attracted to damp and wet clothing, so for those of you that dry your clothing indoors – now’s the time to invest in some mothballs and a dehumidifier.”

The cleaning expert explains how it is not the actual moth ruining your clothes, but instead it is the larvae.

He says: “If you see a small, worm-like insect with a shell then it’s moth larvae. These tend to feed off your clothes from five weeks up to two years, leaving holes in your garments, antique rugs and expensive fabric items like cashmere. Moths can even eat into your wall insulation, causing expensive damage if you don’t get rid of them.”

Deyan explains that repelling moths isn’t too difficult and that mothballs are the most popular and most effective option.

He continues: “If the moths have already hatched larvae, the best way to get rid of them is to steam all your clothes. Dusting and vacuuming as frequently as possible will help you get rid of any carpet moths.”


The cleaning expert explains how crickets are more so attracted to food and drink stains. These bugs can then eat any leftover stains on clothes, and in the process, make holes in the fabric of your clothing. This can often happen if you dry your clothes outside.

Deyan says: “Crickets will often find their way into your home through easy entry points around your home so you’ll need to look for these and seal them off.

“Crickets are attracted to the warm areas in your home so they’re most likely to be found near kitchens or tumble dryers.

“There are a few home remedies for getting rid of crickets, such as a few sprays of a warm water and vinegar solution. Even saltwater can kill some crickets. Though if the infestation is particularly bad then it’s time to call in an expert.”


The expert reveals how this type of bug is the least common in residential homes and tend to occupy in damp spots. This may be in the basement or where food is stored.

He says: “They can also carry diseases, cause asthma and leave tell-tale brown stains on your clothes. As they happily eat through any food and body stains, they’ll also leave holes in the fabric.

“Cockroaches are particularly difficult to get rid of by yourself, but if you’re looking to take care of the problem without an exterminator, look for products containing chlorpyrifos or Dursban, proposer or Baygon, pyrethrins or pyrethroid, hydroplane Gencor or silica gel. You’ll need to treat the area repeatedly in order to get rid of them.”

Cleaning and vacuuming the home regularly is also very beneficial in order to keep unwanted bugs as well as dust out of the area.


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