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Emmerdale spoilers: Vinny Dingle banishes Paul from village after upsetting discovery?

She initially told Paul Vinny wasn’t in Emmerdale with her, but after sticking around for an hour or two, the newcomer saw Vinny join the wedding line-up for a family photo. 

Realising he couldn’t trust Mandy to introduce him to Vinny, Paul decided to conceal his identity and pose as a man named Alex, offering to work at the same scrapyard Vinny did. 

Over a few weeks, the pair became close, but Vinny demanded answers when he walked into Wishing Well Cottage and saw Mandy and Paul screaming at one another. 

And it wasn’t long before Mandy was forced to reveal the truth. 

But during Monday night’s lockdown instalment, Mandy spoke about some of the incidents which occurred when Vinny was younger. 


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