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EastEnders spoilers: Lola Pearce dumfounded as her mother arrives bearing bad news?


Fans of EastEnders are quick to the mark with their eerily accurate theories and predictions and they might just have done it again. Some believe Lola Pearce’s (played by Danielle Harold) mum Leanne will soon make an appearance in Albert Square, but will her presence be welcomed by her estranged daughter?


Lola’s character was first introduced back in 2011 when her step-grandfather Billy Mitchell (Perry Fenwick) and his then-girlfriend Julie Perkins (Cathy Murphy) decided to track down Dan Pearce, the son she had given up for adoption.

Upon finding out that Dan had died, they learned he had a 15-year-old daughter named Lola, who had been put into care.

Lola’s mother has never been seen on-screen and it doesn’t seem like anyone knows where she is or has been for most of Lola’s life, despite being mentioned multiple times.

But is it finally time for her to track down her daughter after all this time?

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A Reddit user prompted huge speculation that Leanne could finally make an appearance after suggesting different scenarios for fans to choose from if they were in control of the scripts.

The options included who would you introduce, bring back, axe from the soap and who should be at the centre of future storylines.

Lola’s mum popped up a surprising amount of times from various viewers who would like to put a face to the name.

The Reddit quiz master suggested she would be played by The Bill actress Kim Tiddy, if BBC producers were to finally bring her in.

But could Leanne turn up bearing bad news?

From past experience, producers usually only introduce an unseen character if there’s a reason for it.

Some fans even speculated Leanne could also be the mother of brothers Callum and Stuart Highway (Tony Clay and Ricky Champ), whose mum we also haven’t met yet.

That revelation would really rock the boat – Lola already has a daughter Lexie, with her cousin Ben, who is Callum’s boyfriend.


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