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Driving in a heatwave: How to stay safe while driving in SCORCHING temperatures


Driving in a heatwave is an uncomfortable experience many people will have to undergo this week, as temperatures sear above 30C. By the midweek, forecasters expect temperatures to push 34C, with the heatwave lasting until Friday. Most people will want to take advantage of the stunning conditions, and there are ways to reduce the impact of the heatwave on driving to some of the country’s beauty spots.

Stay hydrated

Dehydration on the road is both uncomfortable and potentially dangerous, as it can cause a range of symptoms, including severe fatigue and headaches.

Keeping a bottle of water in the car is the best way to avoid drying out, and people should make sure they top up at a local service station if necessary.

However, drivers need to ensure they only take a swig of water when it is safe enough to do so.

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Use an air conditioner

Most cars come equipped with an air conditioner, which often prove more effective than rolling down windows.

They are most useful on the motorway when allowing air in from the outside would prove both noisy and potentially unhealthy.

Pointing the draft of the air conditioner towards the roof will allow the quickest cooling.


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