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Dan Walker infuriates BBC Breakfast fans after awkward clash with MP 'So distracting!'

Northern Ireland minister Brandon Lewis appeared on BBC Breakfast earlier today via video link. Dan Walker quizzed the minister on what support business owners can expect when coronavirus restrictions are eased to allow the hospitality industry to reopen. However, BBC Breakfast viewers found Walker’s interview style “distracting” and took to Twitter to comment. 

Walker asked the minister: “In terms of enforcing these rules what will happen to pub landlords with penalties for making sure customers don’t get too close to each other?

“What happens when pubs reopen and people start drinking they get closer to each other, how does that get policed?”

Lewis revealed the decisions surrounding the reopening of the hospitality industry hadn’t been finalised and he couldn’t comment on the specifics of restrictions being eased. 

“I know you say you don’t want to get too ahead but this is a really important concern for lots of people who are trying to find out how they reopen their business after being closed for such a long time and that is a fundamental concern,” Walker hit back.

“Absolutely and I accept that and understand that but we haven’t made the final decisions on that,” Lewis explained. 

However, BBC Breakfast viewers couldn’t concentrate on the interview and took to Twitter to slam Walker. 

One tweeted: “@BBCBreakfast Re Dan Walker interviewing Brandon Lewis this morning….Dan was so active waving his hands and arms about when talking ..has he been watching Italian broadcasters ? It was so distracting I only took in Brandon’s replies.”

“I used to think @mrdanwalker was one of the best presenters on TV, even Dan has now slipped into the @BBCBreakfast robotic mundane interview mantra. When will they accept that we as individuals have to take responsibility for our actions. The government can’t wipe everyone’s a**s,” a second said. 

Another added: “Why is Dan flailing around like a hornet in a tornado? Hands don’t make the point of your questioning and then LISTENING to the answer is far more powerful…”

More to follow…


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