Couple found abandoned duck egg and hatched it in their oven

A COUPLE found an abandoned duck egg which they then hatched in their oven.

The days-old duckling now follows Will Hall and Alice Kendall around, and terrifies their dog Meg.

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A couple hatched a duckling in their oven during lockdown[/caption]

Will, 26, a teacher at Winchester College, said: “It is such a sweet little thing, Alice loves cuddling it.”

They are split on a name, as Will likes Sergeant Fluffy, and events co-ordinator Alice, 22, prefers River.

Will said: “It has immediately imprinted itself on us and follows us around everywhere.

“Alice is thrilled to bits. It’s certainly made her broody – though kids are still a way down the line.

“We only moved in together in lockdown, so not only have we had to learn how to live together but now we’ve had this.”

Will said they sought the advice of Alice’s father – a former poultry farmer – as they frantically tried to figure out what to do when he found it.

He said: “He told us to keep it warm at 32 degrees, but our oven only starts at 50, so we had to keep turning it on and off with the door open to make sure it was around 30.

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The abandoned egg was kept warm by turning a 50-degree oven on and off[/caption]

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Alice Kendall and Will Hall are now the duckling’s parents[/caption]

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The chick is ‘such a sweet little thing’ it has made Alice ‘broody’[/caption]

“It took about two hours to hatch and then we had to make sure it stayed dry to keep it alive. Fortunately it appears healthy.”

Will believes the chick is a female based on research through YouTube. He found the egg in nearby Romsey and thinks it had been moved by a fox or a dog.

He said after a month and a half, when the duckling has grown enough to be more independent, they will take it to a local rescue centre or Alice’s grandfather’s duck pond.

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The baby duck having a swim in the bathroom sink[/caption]

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Will found the egg in Romsey and thinks it had been moved by a fox or a dog[/caption]

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