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Coronavirus symptoms update: Experiencing any of these issues in the tummy could be a sign


With less focus being put on warning symptoms of a possible COVID-19 infection, it’s easy for one to become complacent and ignore many signs happening in your body. However, experiencing any of these issues in your tummy should not be ignored and careful vigilance should take place.

Scientists from Tongji Medical College looked at data from COVID-19 patients to further investigate the different symptoms they had all experienced.

The results from the research indicated digestive symptoms were prevalent with 117 patients.

Additionally, 58 percent of patients had reported experiencing diarrhoea with 20 percent of them having diarrhoea as their first warning sign.

Other COVID-19 patients reported experiencing a pain in their tummy just before developing the other more commonly known symptoms of the virus including fever, cough and shortness of breath.

Alongside diarrhoea, a pain in the abdomen has also repeatedly come up as a potential warning symptom.

A bad stomach including pains might be more commonly associated with bugs such as the norovirus.

However, some patients have reported pain in the abdomen before developing a fever, cough or shortness of breath.

This pain can include abdominal pains which is similar to cramps or a sensation similar to a dull ache in the tummy.


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