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Co-op issue urgent food recall on meat item – full list and details shoppers need to know


UK high street stalwart Co-op have issued an urgent food recall on a popular meat product. Shoppers should be alert as the food item is being recalled due to allergy fears.

“Instead customers should call 0800 0686 727, email [email protected] or if customers are making an essential trip to the nearest Co-op store, they can return the item in-store for a full refund.”

This is not the only food recall issued in recent days, with a popular squirty cheese being the subject to recalls across various supermarkets at the moment.

Tesco, Asda and Sainsbury’s all stock Primula cheese, a popular type of cheese that comes in a tube.

There are fears the products have been contaminated with a bacteria, Clostridium botulinum.

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Primula’s customer notice reads: “We have found a potential source of Clostridium botulinum in one of are products.

“We are recalling all Primula Cheese tubes, both 100g an 150g.

“We are recalling all of our products because of concerns that this may have affected other products in our range.”


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