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Cleaning: Mrs Hinch fan reveals the two items needed to clean dirty grout in bathrooms


Cleaning fans have taken to Facebook to share their top tips for getting homes sparkling. Men and women around the UK have been inspired by cleaning sensation Mrs Hinch, and set up fan pages to share their knowledge. 

One Facebook user in the Hinch Army Cleaning Tips group revealed shocking photos of a grimy toilet pan before and after she’d cleaned it. 

The Mrs Hinch fan revealed that she had been living with the dirt for three years after moving into her home. 

The picture showed a white toilet which was shining and clean apart from dark limescale at the bottom of the pan – and the Hincher said she’d tried everything to get rid of it. 

“We had tried black Harpic, Harpic tablets, coke over night, pumice stone. You name it we had tried it,” she wrote in the caption. 

However, after three years of trying to get the toilet clean, she has discovered a product that really works – and it’s only £6.99 on Amazon. 

The ‘after’ photo showed a completely white, clean toilet bowl with none of the dark limescale whatsoever. 

The fan shared pictures that showed how she got the impressive results, and explained in the caption her step-by-step instructions. 

The magical transformation was all down to a single product and a toilet brush. 

“As a last resort I ordered this on Amazon. Why had I not done it sooner!” the poster said, sharing a photo of the product. 

She used a bottle of Kilrock Spirit of Salt to get the toilet looking good as new, a product which promises to “dissolve slime and hardwater stains”. 

The product has rave reviews on Amazon, with others sharing photos of their transformed toilets. 

The Hincher said she pushed as much water out as she could until it was half full, then poured some of the liquid cleaner down and shut the lid. She then left it for 20 minutes and flushed it – at which point some of the grime had already started to lift. She then used a toilet brush to scrub at the remaining limescale to shift more of the dirt, before pouring some more liquid in. 


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