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Chris Evans: Virgin Radio DJ apologises after broadcasting 'fake news' about Donald Trump


Prior to acknowledging his mistake, Chris was discussing Trump’s former national security advisor John Bolton, and his new book that details a “troubling and shocking” series of allegations about his tenure working alongside the controversial president.

In the novel, Bolton talks about some of the questionable queries Trump had, such as asking his advisers if Finland was a part of Russia, or whether it was a “kind of satellite of Russia.”

Bolton also claimed that on multiple occasions he repeatedly mixed up Afghan President Ashraf Ghani with former President Hamid Karzai.

The former head of security also recalled when on the way to the Helsinki meeting in 2018, Trump stopped to see then-British Prime Minister Theresa May in the UK, where he asked if Britain was a nuclear power.

After May’s national security adviser referred to the Salisbury Skripal poisoning as an attack on a nuclear power, Bolton revealed he “knew” Trump’s question was “not intended as a joke.”

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The exchange became famous on social media at the time and Bolton, who worked in the White House for 17 months, said the president was “stunningly uninformed”.

But while retelling the story that left the nation gobsmacked, Chris accidentally revealed Trump had asked the current PM Boris Johnson the “surprising” question.

“I now have to clarify this Donald Trump story,” he said.

“Donald Trump did not ask Boris Johnson whether we were a nuclear power, I’m sorry that is fake news and I just broadcast it on the radio.

“I can only apologise for it.”

There was a brief pause before he added the current facts: “It was Theresa May in 2018,” he sheepishly giggled, while his co-star Vassos Alexander burst out laughing while trying to envision how the conversation went down.

Whether Chris’ apology was intended to have a pop at the president we can’t be sure, as Donald Trump has coined the term “fake news” many, many times during his presidency while claiming most US media outlets who broadcast negative stories about him are categorically “wrong”.

Videos of the phrase have gone viral as users apply it to a number of jokes on social media.

Elsewhere, Chris told his listeners his plan for the future.

The former BBC star has become a household name in radio, TV, charity initiatives and much more, but there’s one more thing on his list he wants to do.

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Speaking to Vassos, Chris discussed living in southern California where he could set up a retreat-like space for people to go and relax.

“I think I probably will end up somewhere on the south-east, south-west or on the south coast running some sort of mindful place,” he explained.

“I want to manage a space as a business or not as a business, I don’t really mind as long as we can keep our heads above water as a family.”

But while the TV star was thinking ahead, he wasn’t ready to let go of his passion for broadcast.


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