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Carol Kirkwood: How 'parasite' BBC Breakfast star sparked furious Twitter row


Carol is well known in households across the nation with her bubbly and infectious personality striking a chord with the public watching morning television. She has become an integral part of the BBC Breakfast team, which is the most watched news show in the morning – ahead of ITV rival ‘Good Morning Britain’. But in one horror encounter, co-star Naga Munchetty targeted a troll on Twitter who called out Carol in a bitter post on the social media platform.

Back in 2016, Carol was away from her weather forecasting duties, with Matt Taylor taking over the mic.

With the star absent, one troll called out Carol, claiming she was a “ridiculous parasite” before taking aim at Naga and her colleagues Louise Minchin and Sally Nugent.

Writing on Twitter, the troll ranted: “@BBCBreakfast is so much better without that ridiculous parasite @carolkirkwood!”

They added: “Get rid of @BBCNaga @sallynugent and @LouiseMensch too.”

But during a brief moment away from the camera, Naga struck back in the bitter feud – and ultimately had the last laugh.

Naga ridiculed the commenter for tagging politician Louise Mensch in the post – as opposed to Louise.

She blasted: “Since when did @LouiseMensch present with us ‘parasites’?

“You Twit. BLOCKED.”

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In 2015, Carol admitted that as a result of her fame she has been on the receiving end of tonnes of fan mail – many of which were more X-rated than she would have hoped for.

Speaking to the Daily Mirror, she said: “I’ve had so many of them over the years I’m almost immune to it.

“It all comes into the office and goes to the secretary.

“My boyfriend is used to it – he thinks it’s funny.”

Alongside the bombardment of letters she gets, Carol also said her Twitter inbox was full of fruity messages.

She admitted: “I get a lot on social media. They’ve all been blocked.”

Carol has been presenting with BBC Breakfast since 1999.


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