Boris Johnson has his mojo back after blasting anarchists and pulling plug on £14bn foreign aid


LAST week, I suggested Boris Johnson looked more like the Missing Link than a Prime Minister in total command.

Almost instantly, Bo-Jo turned into Action Man, blasting statue-toppling anarchists, pulling the plug on our £14billion foreign aid “cashpoint in the sky” and firing the mandarin who embarrassed him as ­Foreign Secretary.

Boris Johnson has his mojo back after blasting statue-toppling anarchists and pulling the plug on £14bn foreign aid

Foreign Office boss Sir Simon McDonald paid dearly for the BBC’s 2018 fly-on-the-wall documentary, Inside the Foreign Office, which made Boris look stupid.

This week’s bromance with French President Emmanuel Macron also paid off, despite hostile Paris briefings, with a Brexit deal now likely to give us back control over fishing and trade.

As Europe’s only nuclear powers, Boris knows France needs its alliance with Britain.

“The PM is back in good health again,” says a Cabinet source.

“He was on fiery form in Cabinet and brilliant in the House against Keir Starmer.

“Reading that people thought he had lost his oomph helped him to get it back.”

Yet, barely six months after scoring his truly ­stunning 80-seat election majority, some Tories are already ­plotting a coup.

Mostly Remainers, they loathe Boris and — at almost any cost — want him out.

They must be stark, staring mad. Who would they put in his place?

Nobody who could repeat December’s polls ­triumph, that’s for sure.


Yes, ministers and officials have made a dog’s dinner out of Covid-19.

Their blunders on tracing, testing, care homes, quarantine and protective gear are truly breathtaking.

In the ripe opinion of former Supreme Court judge Lord Sumption: “These people have no idea what they are doing.”

But in a perverse way, they do. We are watching a ­typically chaotic trouser- dropping Whitehall farce at full throttle, with Boris hovering over the stage trap-door.

His shambolic performance usually ends with applause. Nobody is laughing right now.

We are all on the edge of our seats, waiting for the next anxious scene.

It will come this week as Boris makes July 4 Independence Day for restaurants, pubs, hairdressers and holidays.

He will finally scrap the crippling two-metre rule . . .  too late for most Cabinet ministers, especially cash-strapped ­Chancellor Rishi Sunak.


If he truly wanted to liberate the country and get us back to work and school, he would get rid of it today.

Sadly, he will blur the ­picture further by making us all wear face masks while ­sipping a pint or eating a pie.

Apart from hapless pub and restaurant managers, nobody will take any notice.

They will rub shoulders and talk face to face, just as they do now in Westfield shopping malls.

If London’s mainline stations are any guide, we will see a swarm of new jobsworths — thousands of them imposing new “mitigations” like wartime air raid wardens.

“We are being led by the polls,” said one disgruntled insider.

“They tell us people are still frightened.”

But this Whitehall farce does have a script.

Boris and Rishi are focused on jobs — the five million ­predicted casualties of lockdown, especially among the Tories’ new Red Wall voters.

They will use rock-bottom interest rates to pour cash into “shovel-ready” construction projects.

National Insurance contributions will be trimmed to boost employment.

Cutting VAT from 20 per cent to 15 per cent will spur shoppers.

Boris has four years to get Britain working again before the next election.

Meanwhile, Labour are at each other’s throats and even with lockdown splitting the nation, the Government holds an amazing five-point lead in the polls.

Prospects of a Labour revival look forlorn, despite the praise heaped on stolid new leader Sir Keir Starmer.

Last week’s inquest into their December defeat — the fourth in a row where Labour voters deserted to the Tories — revealed the chasm between its arrogant metropolitan elite and the real world.

Nobody should believe Starmer’s army of warring poseurs would have done any better with Covid-19 than Boris.

Under Labour — still run by trade unions and lefties who are keeping our kids out of school until September — we would be in lockdown for ever.

PA:Press Association

Barely six months after scoring a ­stunning election victory, Boris Johnson faces an uphill battle to get Brits back to work and school[/caption]

Brexit breakthrough

A POWER struggle between France and Germany may have finally opened the way for a decent Brexit deal in Brussels.

Angela Merkel is on her way out as Chancellor and more ­worried about the imploding EU economy than Brexit.

She wants a decent UK trade deal and a friendly farewell.
Emmanuel Macron aims to replace her as Europe’s dominant statesman and is supporting the hard-up “Olive Belt” gallery of Mediterranean states clamouring for German cash.

Once we’ve gone, the road is clear for him to achieve his goal.

Watch out for a breakthrough in July on fishing, trade and the loathed European Court of Justice.

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