B&M employee makes cheeky tannoy announcement that’s so rude he ‘got fired’ – but some people don’t get the saucy joke

A B&M employee made a shocking customer announcement over the shop tannoy – which was so rude he ‘got fired’. 

The bloke, called Ollie White, shared a clip on TikTok showing him making the x-rated broadcast – but not everyone got the joke. 


The B&M employee filmed himself making an x-rated announcement[/caption]

He uploaded the video to the social media site, saying: “I actually got sacked from B&M for this, don’t let it flop.”

The outrageous prank shows Ollie picking up the phone to make an announcement over the shop tannoy, dressed in his orange uniform. 

The brazen employee starts off the seemingly-innocent message by saying “this is a customer announcement”, in a monotone voice. 

He continues: “Please could the owner of the white BMW number plate NE14 ABJ please come to the front of the store – you’ve left your lights on.


The lad, called Ollie White, claimed he got fired for the cheeky prank[/caption]

“That’s NE14 ABJ. Thank you.”

If you’re scratching your head over why the announcement has caused such a stir, the letters and numbers sound like a sexually explicit offer.  

The ‘license plate’ can also be translated as NE for ‘any one’, the number four as ‘for’, with the rest is a reference to a sex act. 

The clip soon went viral, racking up more than 700,000 views, but not everyone got the joke. 

That’s NE14 ABJ. Thank you

Ollie White

One person asked: “Running to the comment section because I don’t understand.”

Another admitted: “The blonde in me really came out today.”

While a third commented: “CAN SOMEONE EXPLAIN BEFORE I LOSE MY MIND.” 


Ollie asks the driver of a white BMW to come to the front – but not everyone got the joke[/caption]

Some did understand the saucy message, with another person writing: “Love how you were holding onto that laugh for dear life.”

While someone else added: “I’m creasing.” 

B&M has claimed that Ollie wasn’t fired for the stunt, which took place when the store was closed, the Daily Star reported. 

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