Big Brother’s PJ Ellis reveals he still feels ‘weird’ about Jade Goody’s death after their romance in the house

BIG Brother’s PJ Ellis has revealed he still feels “weird” about Jade Goody’s death after hooking up with her 17 years ago in front of the camers.

Way back in series three, PJ was the cheeky law student who got it on with Jade.

PJ Ellis was a cheeky law student when he entered the Big Brother house

“I was devastated about what happened to Jade – it is still pretty weird to deal with,” PJ exclusively tells The Sun Online.

While Kate Lawler went on to win Big Brother, it was Jade Goody who became the stand out star of the show.

But when she wasn’t exposing her terrible geographical knowledge or freaking out about a verruca, she was causing controversy by getting very close to house mate PJ Ellis.

However, seventeen years on, PJ admits that the pair’s saucy shenanigans were a lot more innocent than most people thought at the time.

He was best known for hooking up with Jade Goody while in the house

“Did we have one of those kisses that most people have at Christmas, and laugh about the next day? Well yes, only we did it in front of 10 million people,” he said.

“Did we go on to do that thing that conveniently rhymes with my name? Errr, then the answer would be no. People still don’t believe me though.”

Although their romantic liaison was short lived, PJ says he has no regrets whatsoever about getting up close and personal with Big Brother’s biggest star.

“What’s to regret about having a cheeky snog with a lovely lass, eh? Nothing. The only regret I have was the grief it caused my family and friends as they were then hounded by the press while I was completely oblivious having a great time in the house.”

But he says he still feels weird after her death

Sadly, PJ’s snog with Jade didn’t lead to a classic BB romance, but PJ says she went on to make a great mate.

“Jade was an amazing person. She was funny, kind and made me laugh. We stayed in touch for a long time after the show and remained good mates.  Jade had stunning features, but I never fancied her. I actually miss her random texts and calls.”

He added: “I was never surprised by her success. She was made for that time. I wished her all the best and we spoke most days. I was devastated about what happened to her. It still is pretty weird to deal with. She was a lovely lass, a genuinely kind soul and a brilliant mum. I miss her.”


PJ is now married with two kids and works at a digital marketing agency[/caption]

Although PJ tells us he enjoyed some “amazing experiences” during the series and “made some great friends like Kate Lawler, Alison Hammond and Jonny Regan” he admits living in the legendary telly house was tough.

“I really missed my family and friends. When the ‘intros’ are out the way, you run out of things to chat about and your thoughts turn to home and I’d miss my family so much. But it did allow me time to think and hopefully work out what I wanted from life. Once out of the house, PJ, then a trainee solicitor, snubbed big money offers like his castmates, a decision he now regrets.

Jade died of cervical cancer in 2009
Getty – Contributor

“I had some opportunities which I should have taken more seriously. Reality TV was different back then and it was frowned upon to really use it as a platform to do something else with it. I was always level-headed enough to realise it was just a game and that I’d go back into the law, which I did, and practised for six years. But there’s always been a little ‘what-if’ moment around what could have happened if I’d taken the opportunities a little more seriously. I would have loved to have done more TV/Radio work.”

She became one of the most well-known stars to come out of the Big Brother house

Fifteen years on, PJ has been married to Kelly for eight years and they have two kids, Blake, 7 and Minnie, 3.

He no longer works in law, but co-owns a digital marketing agency, Lightbox and employs 17 members of staff.

He also owns a eduTech start up company called Toppa whose other shareholders include leisure tycoon David Lloyd and retail tycoon Steve Smith.

PJ is also an advisor to the council of the English Schools FA as well as the founder of a charity

Although he has been asked to return to the Big Brother house over the years PJ has so far snubbed any offers as he believes the juggernaut series may have run its course.

“Reality TV has changed and I think it was so much ‘truer’ back then – more of a social experiment, “ he muses.

Big Brother: Best Shows Ever is on E4 at 9pm on Sundays



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