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Big Brother fans pay tribute to John McCririck as they ‘raise a glass of diet coke’ almost one year after his death


BIG Brother bosses and fans have paid tribute to the late John McCririck by ‘raising a glass of diet coke’ in his honour.

Racing pundit John died on July 5 last year aged 79 following an 18-month battle with lung cancer.

John McCririck fans have paid tribute to the star who died last July
PA:Press Association
He was shown losing his rag over diet coke in Big Brother: Best Shows Ever on Thursday night

But during Thursday night’s Big Brother: Best Shows Ever, the star’s fans were able to take a look back at his 2005 stint on Celebrity Big Brother.

During the episode, John was seen losing his rag with his fellow housemates – including US model Caprice and Happy Mondays star Bez – after they played a practical joke on him.

John had been seen begging Big Brother to return his favourite drink, diet coke, after it had previously been confiscated. 

The eccentric star was given two bottles back and placed them in a mini fridge.

But later, when he wasn’t looking, the housemates made it appear as though Big Brother had locked the fridge up with a chain.

John then stormed to the Diary Room in a rage, before unleashing his bitter tongue on his fellow celebs once he had realised they were behind the prank.

Taking to Twitter once the episode had aired, fans paid tribute to John in a series of tweets.

One wrote: “Currently raising a glass of Diet Coke in honour of the #bigbrother legend John McCririck! #BBUK.”

Another said: “I have the same feelings for Diet Coke as John McCririck. Don’t f*** around with Diet Coke! #BBUK.”

The official Big Brother UK account, meanwhile, tweeted: “We’re raising a glass of diet cola tonight to our friend John McCririck.

“Celebrity housemate, Ultimate housemate, spin-off show stalwart. Rest easy, John #BBUK.”

Even original BB presenter, and host of Best Shows Ever, Davina McCall said: “Poor John. He really did love his Diet Coke.”

Following his eventual eviction from the show, John claimed to Davina that show bosses “lied in their contract”.

John got very angry about the diet coke incident in his 2005 exit interview with Davina
Channel 4

In his exit interview, he ranted at her when she reminded him of the furore over his diet coke being withheld after failure of a shopping task.

John shouted: “That was diabolical, because you lied. In the contract – £3 a day for food. They didn’t say but we will take some of it back.”

Davina assured John that Big Brother was allowed to make such decisions if housemates failed tasks.

John’s family confirmed his death in a statement last July.

They described him as an “award-winning journalist and broadcaster” and said “for many years the face of British horse racing”.

John’s relatives continued: “His flamboyant broadcasting style from the heart of betting ring proved extremely popular with racing fans and beyond.”


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