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Betty season 2 release date, cast, trailer, plot: When is the new series of Betty out?


Betty is the popular American teen comedy series, basd on the  critically acclaimed documentary film Skate Kitchen by Crystal Moselle. The entire main cast from the documentary and original film creator, Moselle, turned the film into a series which aired this Summer on Sky in the UK and HBO in the US. HBO has confirmed Betty will be back for more but when is the new series out? Express.co.uk has eveyrthing you need to know including release date, cast, trailer, plot and more. 

When is Betty season 2 out?

On Thursday, June 18, fans of Betty and Skate news recieved some good news.

HBO announced Betty would  be returning for a second series. 

Unfortuantely, a release date for the new series has not yet been confirmed. 

The news was only just announced and the series only just finished airing in the US and only just begun airing in the UK on Sky Comedy, so it still early days for a release date to be confirmed. 

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Who will star in Betty season 2?

The entire main cast is expected to return for the second series of Betty.

Dede Lovelace should return as Janay, strong-willed and loyal altruist whose stubborn in ways that both help and hurt her.

Nina Moran will most likely be back as Kirt and  Anjani Russell is as Indigo.

Rachel Vinberg should return as Camille, a talented skater trying to connect with the girls.

Fan favourite, Moonbear, will complete the girl gang as  aspiring filmmaker Honeybear.

Also likely to return for the new series are  Reza Nader as Farouk, Edmund Donovan as Bambi, Caleb Eberhardt as Donald, Katerina Tannenbaum as Ash, Jules Lorenzo as Yvette and Brenn Lorenzo as Celia.

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What will happen in Betty season 2?

Betty on Sky Comedy and NOW TV is based on Crystal Moselle’s critically acclaimed documentary film Skate Kitchen.

The series follows a diverse group of New York women who are trying to succeed and thrive in the male-orientated world of skateboarding.

Speaking exclusively to Express.co.uk, Moselle said she would like to focus on cultural appropriation in a second series.

She said: “The photoshoot story actually happened to one of our girls Ajani [Russell, who plays Indigo] in real life.

“And I think it’s something that they deal with a lot, especially in fashion.

“And I think that, if we get to season two that is definitely something that we’ll be exploring more.”

After the news of the show’s renewal was confirmed on the Betty HBO twitter accounts, fans immediately shared their excitement for the new series.

One fan tweeted: ” THANK YOU SO MUCH !!!!!!!! IM LEGIT SO HAPPY RN !!!!!”

A second fan said: “WE LOVE TO SEE IT.”

A third fan commented: “YEEEESSSS THIS MADE MY DAY.”


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