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BBC Breakfast viewers slam ‘out of touch’ Iain Duncan Smith interview 

One viewer wrote: “That mediocrity Iain Duncan Smith saying people need to gauge risk for themselves. Yes, but to do that we need clarity on the facts and potential consequences and that clarity has been woefully missing from his government.”

Another commented: “Out of touch Ian Duncan Smith blatantly putting economics before public health on #BBCBreakfast “It depends on which scientists you speak to” well that’s true of anything! You can always scrape the barrel and find a flat-earther who will tell you something you like #coronavirus.”

A third added: “Iain Duncan Smith on the BBC basically saying we need to get people back to work to make people like me more money.”

“Just watching Iain Duncan Smith on @bbc news. So in pubs you may well have to wear a face mask until you are seated at your screened off table with your own group. Doesn’t sound very appealing to me. Are people really that desperate to go out and have a drink?,” quizzed another.



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