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Aldi shoppers join queue of 75,000 to buy sell-out hanging egg chair Special Buy

Aldi’s hanging egg chair was so in demand when it went on sale in the Special Buys earlier this month that thousands of shoppers were queueing online at midnight for a chance to add it to their baskets. At the weekend, the budget superstore brought back the bestseller in a larger size, at a higher price of £200, and it was even more popular. Over 75,000 people queued online in the hope of getting one of the chairs – leaving many disappointed as it soon sold out. 

The hanging egg chair is designed for the garden, though it would also suit a conservatory thanks to its stylish rattan design. 

The egg-shaped chair has been made even more popular by celebrities and influencers, including cleaning sensation Mrs Hinch, sharing photos of their own versions – but the Aldi Special Buy has become a cult must-have thanks to its low price. 

The original single chair was £149.99 and sold out last summer, before coming back again this month to huge online queues. 

The second Special Buy was a larger, double-seat version of the grey-cushioned chair, and despite the slightly higher price it was just as sought-after as the original. 

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“I jus [sic] wanna buy the Aldi egg chair why am I in a queue with 70,000 ppl,” one wrote. 

Others compared it to waiting for festival tickets, as the chair was so in demand as soon as it went online. 

“There’s 45,000 people in front of me in a queue for a hanging egg chair for the garden on the Aldi website. Swear it’s easier to buy glasto tickets than for a chair for my mum to drink wine in on a Saturday afternoon,” said one Twitter user. 

It seems many shoppers were hoping to buy one for their parents, who left the younger generation to stay up and do the ordering. 

“Don’t wanna see anyone tweeting about how they’ve got an Aldi egg chair, mums [sic] gonna be so sad when she wakes up to find out her children have failed her,” quipped one tweet. 

Others complained that they couldn’t make the order despite managing to add it to their basket. 

“So cross I didnt [sic] get an Aldi Egg Chair when I could see it in my basket and it was gone 2 seconds later,” wrote one. 

Pre-orders for the chair had opened at midnight, with the virtual queue waiting time reaching an hour at some stages – though some said they’d been up two hours as they tried to make a purchase. 

However, some were delighted that they had managed to get one – though they were anxiously waiting for a confirmation email to be sure. 

“Finally got my egg chair from aldi!  …Stressful but I got one,” posted one blogger on Twitter. 

But some shoppers who were successful bought the chair in order to make a profit. 

Social media users were outraged when they spotted that the chairs were already being listed on eBay when they had sold out on Aldi. 

Savvy sellers are listing the chair for more than double the price, with some on sale for upwards of £600. 

It’s unknown whether the online exclusive will be back – although on the Aldi website, where it is out of stock, it simply says ‘Coming soon!’ on the product page. 


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